Will Review Service

Adviser Will

  • Have your clients already got a Will?.
  • Have they recently married or divorced?
  • Have they recently had children or grandchildren?
  • Have your clients had a change in their financial circumstances?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, why not offer them our ‘Will Review Service’.

AdviserWill charge just £15 to review a Will to ensure it is still fit for purpose and legally binding. If your client then needs AdviserWill to draft a new Will, we will reduce the cost of the Will by £15 to reflect the review charge.

If your client would like their Will reviewed, please scan their existing Wills and email them to info@adviserwill.com, along with a list of any recent changes to their circumstances. We will then review the Wills within 2 working days and email you back our findings and any recommendations we have. Please DO NOT send the original Wills to us.

AdviserWill treat all your client’s information with absolute discretion and are a fully insured, national Will Writing company and a member of ‘The Society of Will Writers’.

Our Wills are fully insured via a £2.5 million professional indemnity insurance policy.

If you are interested in finding out the full features and benefits of our Will review service, please complete the join us page and we will arrange a suitable time and date to discuss our proposition in detail.